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New York City has captured the world’s imagination time and time again, so it’s little wonder that tourists flock here every year. Exploring the city, however, is no easy task, whether you’re a tourist or resident. It’s a veritable concrete jungle with its fair share of tourist traps, and aside from the major landmarks, knowing where to go and what sites to see can be difficult. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out how to navigate its busy streets all on your own, here are the best ways to tour NYC.

Arguably the cheapest, most interactive, and healthiest way to tour NYC is on foot. It will, of course, take some time, especially if you want to stop and enjoy the sites, but a walking tour gives you the most freedom to see what you want and stay as long as you want. A walking tour of NYC can either be undertaken independently or with tour guides. There are dozens of walking tours that choose to focus on different niches, including major landmarks, food tours, specific districts, and history, amongst others. Walking tours don’t just cover Manhattan, there are ones that specifically branch out into the other boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. If you have time on your hands and really want to get to know NYC, this tour option is the best one for you.

Short on time and need to hit all the kayaking juneau major landmarks quickly? If this is the case, one of the best ways to tour NYC for you might be on one of the many hop-on/hop-off buses winding through the city streets. Bus tours allows visitors to get a taste of the Big Apple without the hassle of navigating the vast and daunting city on their own. NYC bus tours also come in a variety of style, with routes that take you through Uptown, Downtown, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and more. Much of the experience comes down to choosing the right bus tour and getting a good guide so make sure to compare the various bus tours before choosing one. While many tourists enjoy the bus tours, there are certain ones with unfavorable reviews from visitors.

NYC Helicopter Tours

When even the vantage point of the Empire State Building isn’t enough for you, the best option for touring NYC is on a helicopter ride. Going on a helicopter tour of NYC let’s you do more than just avoid traffic jams, you’ll have an unforgettable, unique tour experience plus some amazing aerial photos to show off. Helicopter tours are short, but sweet, usually lasting 15 to 25 minutes, and let you catch stunning views of some of the most famous NYC sites including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and Yankee Stadium, amongst others. Helicopter tours are, of course, more pricey than walking or bus tours, but they give you a chance to see the city in a completely unique way. For the best deals on helicopter tours, make sure to Helicopter New York City for the best deals.

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