Fri. May 27th, 2022

“Organizational portfolio” or “projects portfolio” is a collection of projects or programs and all the additional activities existing within an organization, brought together to ensure an effective management of all the activities within the organization fully coordinated with its strategy.

The main goals of portfolio management are to provide a broad overview of organizational activities focusing on the strategic goals and to support decision making based on all the projects within the organization PMP certification .A project constantly receives strategic information from the portfolio it represents, and provides the portfolio with “on-site information”.

Meticulous management of each of the “portfolio components” is crucial, but it does not necessarily ensure the realization of all of the organizational goals. This requires integrative management of the projects making up the projects portfolio, which relates to the mutual impact of the projects, resource constraints and priorities.Organizational project management and portfolio management are closely connected.

The Project Manager measures the planned vs. actual in relation to budget and content scheduling, and reports to the Portfolio Manager. By contrast, the Portfolio Manager prioritizes and connects among the projects. The flow of information in both directions leads to the process, in which project management and portfolio management are bonded in order to make sure that the right resources are allocated to the right project, or, to put it simply, that the organization invests most of its efforts into the right place

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